Spoken Word

Artist Title Format
American Mangement Association Communicating Both Ways lp stereo
American Mangement Association Interviewing The Potential Employee lp stereo
American Mangement Association The Disciplinary Interview lp stereo
Asimov, Isaac Foundation s Edge lp stereo
Banks, Dr. Murray Anyone Who Goes To A Psychiatrist... lp mono
Banks, Dr. Murray Tells Jewish Stories Mit Psychology lp mono
Banks, Dr. Murray The Drama Of Sex lp mono
Banks, Dr. Murray What You Can Learn From The Kinsey Report lp mono
Barrow, Lyn Dr Slim, Healthy And Attractive lp stereo
Bates, Alan etc. Blake lp mono
Becker, Mark Basic Yoga And You lp stereo
Bloom & Portman & Neville Palgrave s Golden Treasury lp mono
Blore & Richman Who? lp stereo
Brown. Michael Changing Scenes - Impressions Of South Africa lp mono
Burton & Neville & Hardy The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner lp mono
Burton, Richard et al Under Milk Wood By Dylan Thomas lp mono
Calobrisi, Arcangelo The First Encounter - Therapy Of The Mind lp mono
Christain Science Journal All The Way/Reflection lp mono
Chun, Richard Karate For Beginners lp mono
Crosby, Bing Welles, orsen The Small One/The Happy Prince lp stereo
Davis, Angela Angela Davis Speaks lp mono
Davis, Jack The First Born 7
Egyptian Organisation Of Antiquities Here History Began lp stereo
Eliot, T S Reads The Waste Land And Other Poems lp mono
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence A Coney Island Of The Mind cd
Francis, Bon One Day At A Time lp stereo
Franklin, Rudy Circle Dances lp stereo
Franklin, Rudy Dances In A Line lp stereo
Gielgud, John Hamlet - Original Braodway Cast lp stereo
Gielgud, Sir John Shakespeare s Ages Of Man lp mono
Gielgud, Sir John Sonnets Of William Shakespeare lp mono
Goldsmith, Oliver The Deserted Village lp mono
Gove, Bill Billy Be Yourself lp stereo
Grant, David Well-Rounded Square lp mono
Guiness, Alec Reads Spiritual And Religious Poetry lp mono
Gunton & Skinner The Fortunes Of Taurus lp stereo
Hagen, Hill, Grizzard Albee s Whose Afraid Of Virginia Wolf? lp stereo
Haney, Paul Apollo 11 We Have Landed On The Moon lp stereo
Harris, Richard The Prophet by Kahil Gbran lp stereo
Harvey, Ernst Relax Through Hypnotism lp mono
HRH The Prince Of Wales The Old Man Of Loch Nagar lp stereo
Jaffrey, Saeed The Art Of Love - Readings From The Kama Sutra lp stereo
Kavanagh, Patrick Almost Everything lp mono
Kinski, Klaus Spricht Villon Und Rimbaud 3 lp stereo
Lacy, Jack Secrets That Make Star Salesmen Tick lp mono
Laughton, Charles The Storyteller lp mono
Leder & Stagg 10-4 Good Buddy lp stereo
Living Shakespeare A Midsummer Night s Dream lp stereo
Living Shakespeare Hamlet lp stereo
Living Shakespeare King Lear lp stereo
Living Shakespeare Othello lp stereo
Living Shakespeare Richard II lp stereo
Living Shakespeare Taming Of The Shrew lp stereo
Living Shakespeare The Merchant Of Venice lp stereo
Living Shakespeare The Tempest lp stereo
Living Shakespeare The Tragedy Of King Henry V lp stereo
Living Shakespeare The Tragedy Of Macbeth lp stereo
Lonie, Don Talks With Teenagers lp mono
Lord Buckley A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat cd
Luxon, Benjamin Songs Of The Sea lp stereo
MacDiarmid, Hugh A Drunk Man Looks At The Thistle lp stereo
MacLiammoir Theatre The Importance Of Being Earnest lp mono
Marshal. Peter Speaks Two Sermons lp mono
Menuhin, Yehudi Instruments Of The Orchestra lp stereo
Mitchell, Adrian Tyger: A Celebration Of William Blake lp stereo
Musiquiz A Music Memory Game lp stereo
Nidetch, Jean The Magic Of Weight Watchers lp stereo
Nightingale, Earl The Strangest Secret lp mono
Omarr, Sydney Virgo lp stereo
Palmer, Arnold Personal Golf Instructions lp mono
Pickworth, Ossie MSD Presents A Personal Golf Lesson lp mono
Price, Vincent Classical Spanish Cuisine lp mono
Repertory Theater Of Lincoln Center Arthur Miller s The Crucible lp stereo
Richardson, Ian Howard Pyle s Men Of Iron lp mono
Robeson & Ferrer & Hagen Shakespeare s Othello lp mono
Robinson, Kenneth Allan Books And The Bad Life lp mono
Rose, George The Water Babies (Kingsley) lp stereo
Rosicrucians The Science Of Mysticism lp mono
Roth, Charles B Secrets Of Closing Sales lp mono
Rothenberg, Jerome Primitive and Archaic Poetry lp mono
Round The World Language Course Vietnamese lp mono
SFX Journey To The Moon lp mono
SFX Lithuanian Record Course lp mono
Sharpe, Mal The Last Man-On-The-Street lp stereo
Shelley & Simpson & Davis Winnie The Pooh by A.A Milne lp mono
Sitwell, Osbert Reading From His Poetry lp mono
Speaight, Robert Four Quartets By T S Eliot lp mono
Speaight, Robert Spoken Arts Treasury Of William Wordsworth lp mono
Speaight, Robert The Waste Land lp mono
Stoppard & Previn Every Good Boy Deserves Favour lp stereo
Strong, Patience The Quiet Hour lp stereo
Swami Prabhupada Benediction Moon lp stereo
Swami Satchidananda Swami Satchidananda lp stereo
T.L. Osborn And Jesus Came lp mono
Thomas, Dylan Narrates Under Milk Wood with Original Cast lp mono
Thomas, Dylan Reading His Complete Recorded Poetry lp mono
Thomas, Dylan Reads A Child s Christmas In Wales and Five Poems lp mono
Thomson, Peter Golf lp stereo
Tolkien, J R R Poems And Songs Of Middle Earth lp mono
Trueman, Freddie The Umpire Strikes Back lp stereo
Tyson, Russ Philosopher s Album lp stereo
Unknown Age Of Learning - Sex Education lp stereo
Unknown Midnight Cowpoke lp stereo
Ustinov, Peter & Diamond, Robert The Prologue From The Canterbury Tales lp mono
Various Caedmon Treasury Of Modern Poets Reading lp mono
Various Charismatic Renewal lp mono
Various Das Gab s Auf Einmal lp stereo
Various Henrietta Mears Memorial Service lp mono
Various The Wonderful Wireless lp mono
Various Astronauts Journey To The Moon lp mono
Various SFX The Times Of Our LIves lp stereo
Ward, G M Talks About Marriage lp mono
Warne, Clifford The Bold Ones lp stereo
Welty, Eudora Reading From Her Works lp mono
Westmore, Ern Facial Excercises lp stereo
Williams, Emlyn As Charles Dickens lp mono
Williams, Emlyn As Charles Dickens 1 lp mono
Williams, Emlyn As Charles Dickens 2 lp mono
Ziglar, Zig Holiday Magic lp stereo