silent night

23 versions of "Silent Night" for Christmas 2000

01 The Pizzicato 5

From P5's "Great White Wonder Rare Masters 1990-1996".


See some album covers and find out some more about these Japanese hipsters here.

This track was sent to me by William Mellot as part of the ExoticaRing.

02 12 Monkeys

Not sung by 12 monkeys but from the Terry Gilliam movie "12 Monkeys".

12 MonkeysNo, that's not Melissa and Philip.

Visit a "12 Monkeys" web site here.

03 Mahalia Jackson


One of the greatest gospel singers of all time. 1911-1972

A brief bio is here and The Mahalia Jackson School in Harlem is here.

04 Rotary Connection

From their incredible Christmas album "Peace".

Rotary Connection

A 1968 outing by Minnie Riperton's first band.

For some background to Rotary Connection go here.

05 A Celtic Harp

Celtic harp

This track is courtesy of Napster so the harpist is "Unknown" unfortunately.

06 Dr. John

Dr. John

The track is from an old Rounder CD called "Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack".

Visit Mac Rebennack aka Dr. John here.

A track sent to me by Peter Risser of the ExoticaRing.

07 Jingle Cats

Another Napster find. Turns out these cats have 2 Christmas albums available.

Jingle Cats

This is the cover of "Meowy Christmas"

08 Robert Fripp


The toadstool from King Crimson sends his two Revox's on a Yuletide Frppertronics excursion.

EG flexi

This track is from a 1979 EG Records Christmas postcard flexidisc.

09 Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Muyo is a Japanese animated TV series.

The charachters have released a few albums including one of Christmas tunes.

Tenchi Muyo

Here's a link to a Tenchi Muyo fansite.

10 Rotary Connection

Another version from "Peace".

Now this is what I call a fan site!

11 Lucas and Friends

Lucas Cover

Pea Hicks, a collector of "found" recordings (home made 78's, children recording themselves on cassettes, home recorded reel-to-reels etc.) has released a compilation of some of his treasures called "Lucas and Friends Discover a World Of Sound". This track features a home made 78 and a child's cassette with Pea adding some Optigan accompaniment.

Lucas cassette

Visit Pea Hick's web site here and find out more about "Lucas and Friends" here.

12 The Muppets with John Denver


Well at least Johnathon gives us a potted history of the tune.

13 Ween


Gene and Dean Ween and their producer.

This track is from an Elektra Records, 1992 Promotional CD.

If you are a Weener go here.

14 The Tractors


Some farmer's sons and their Christmas record.

Tractors cover

15 Willie Nelson

Willie and his beautiful beat-up acoustic guitar with the help of Booker T. at the Hammond.

Pretty Paper

The track is from Willie's all Christmas album "Pretty Paper" (1979) .

16 Spike Milligan

Spine Millington

Thanks to Peter Webb for the loan of this wonderful 7" 45 of Spike goin' off!

17 Can


This track is the inspiration for my doing this mix. It is from the B-side of a 12" of Can's only ever hit single "I Want More" (1976) and I have used it as my Christmas morning wake up music for years. Now you can too.

To be Spoon fed go here.

18 The Wavebenders

Wavebenders cover

Their playing is thankfully more tasteful than their cover art but who they are and where they're from I do not know.

19 Tom Waits

Tom Waits

This track is on the "SOS United" album - a charity recording by various artists.

For all things Waitsian go here.

A track sent to me by Peter Risser of the ExoticaRing.

20 Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville

Aaron developed that amazing falsetto while slowly piercing his own ears.

If you want more of Aaron or his brothers go here.

21 The Dickies


LA "punk" band get into the holiday spirit.

If you must know more go here.

22 Rotary Connection

The third version from the same album! "Peace" includes a further track called "Silence" which is a minute or two of.....silence. Well on my copy it's actually a minute or two of clicks and pops.

23 Low


Low feeling merry.


The album "Christmas" by Low.

24 That's us wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2001.

25 Luke!

Visit "The Silent Night Museum" to find everything you ever wanted know (and some) about the tune "Silent Night".

Some of the other versions I have that didn't make the cut:

Frank Sinatra

Elvis Presley

Elvis Phuong


Simon & Garfunkle

Henry Mancini

Harry Belafonte

The Spurlows

The Peppermint Kandy Kids

Phil Spector



Photos and album scans purloined from a number of places but mostly from The All Music Guide.