Library, Sound Effects and Test

Artist Title Format
All About Music What Is Good Recorded Sound? lp stereo
Audio Fidelity Demonstration And Sound Effects Stereodisc lp stereo
Bonneau, Paul et son Grande Orchestre Telecineradio vol 1,2,3 lp mono
Bruton Music The Best Of Life lp stereo
Clarke, Bruce Jingle Workshop Jingle Workshop lp stereo
Clarke, Bruce Jingle Workshop Sonic Design lp stereo
Command Stereo Check Out lp stereo
Conroy Recorded Music Library Australia-Hawaii lp stereo
Cool, The Pop Sounds lp mono
De Wolfe Episodes From The Bible lp mono
Delta Acustic Kuntskopf Dimensionen (Binaural Demo) lp stereo
Denon Denon Audio Technical CD cd
Easy 20 Kuntskopf All time Hits lp stereo
Haney, Paul Apollo 11 We Have Landed On The Moon lp stereo
KPM Music International Business 2 lp stereo
Kriesler King Multi-Sonic Hi-Fi Stereo Demonstration Record lp stereo
London Studio Group TV Suite no. 3 lp stereo
Muzak Reveille - The New Muzak Stereo lp stereo
Park, Simon Orchestra Eye Level lp stereo
Parry Music For Children Only lp stereo
Radio 2UE Did You Know? Radio Quiz lp stereo
Realistic Stereo Test Record lp stereo
Roger Roger Chappel Mood Music vol 13 lp stereo
Roxy Music Digital Audio Check CD cd
Schober Organ Sounds Of The Schober Electronic Organ lp stereo
SFX 101 Hilarious Comical Effects cd
SFX ABC of Sound/Real Animal Sounds lp mono
SFX BBC Sound Effects 2 lp mono
SFX Bells Of The Cotswolds lp stereo
SFX Cable Car Soundscapes lp stereo
SFX Come Again cd
SFX Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record lp stereo
SFX Military cd
SFX Motorcycle Scramble lp stereo
SFX Music Of The Bullfight lp stereo
SFX Sci-Fi Sounds of Mystery and Mayhem cd
SFX Sleep Gently In The Womb lp stereo
SFX Songs of the Humback & Frog Calls of Brisbane cd
SFX Sound Effects Vol 10 lp stereo
SFX Sound Effects Vol 2 lp stereo
SFX Sound Effects Vol 4 lp stereo
SFX Sound Effects Vol 8 lp stereo
SFX Spectacular Sound Effects lp stereo
SFX Steam In Stereo lp stereo
SFX Steam Railroading Under Thundering Skies lp stereo
SFX The Birds Around Us (Australia) 10 mono
SFX This Is London lp stereo
SFX This Is Your Princess Adventure lp stereo
Studio G Images lp stereo
Syntonic Research Environments - New Concepts In Stereo Sound 1 lp stereo
Templeton, Alec Music Boxes and Chiming Clocks lp stereo
Various Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend 2 cd
Various Electronic Toys (70 s synth comp) cd
Various Miracle In Sound (bouncing ball) lp stereo
Various Music For Dancefloors: The Cream of the KPM Music Green Label Sessions cd
Various SFX The Times Of Our LIves lp stereo