20th Century Classical

Artist Title Format
Adams, John Nixon In China tape
Adams, John The Chairman Dances lp stereo
Ashley, Robert Perfect Lives (Private Parts) lp stereo
Australia Felix In Concert 1979 lp stereo
Balanescu Quartet, The Possessed cd
Bandt, Ros and LIME Soft and Fragile (Music in Glass and Clay) lp stereo
Berg, Alban Lyric Suite for String Quartet lp stereo
Berio, Luciano Circles, Sequenza lp stereo
Berio, Luciano Differences lp stereo
Bernstein/Ormandy 2001/Aniara lp stereo
Beveridge, Thomas Once - in memoriam Martin Luther King lp stereo
Bolcom, William Frescoes lp stereo
Bonighton, Ian Sequenza lp stereo
Boulez, Pierre Le Marteau lp stereo
Bradley, Gary Who Is This Man? lp stereo
Britten, Banjamin Noye s Fludda lp mono
Brosse, Dirk Music In Mycology cd
Bryars, Gavin Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet lp stereo
Bryars, Gavin Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet cd
Bryars, Gavin The Sinking of The Titanic lp stereo
Cage, John String Quartet in Four Parts lp stereo
Calder Variations Opus 3 lp stereo
Carlos, Avni, Mimaroglu etc Electronic Music lp stereo
Chesworth, David Exotica Suite cd
Chesworth, David Risky Business cd
Chesworth, David Ensemble Badlands cd
Crumb, George A Haunted Landscape lp stereo
Crumb, George Black Angels cd
Crumb, George Black Angels (Images 1) lp stereo
Crumb, George Madrigals lp stereo
Crumb, George Madrigals / Makrokosmos III cd
Crumb, George Makrokosmos I lp stereo
Crumb, George Makrokosmos II lp stereo
Crumb, George Makrokosmos III lp stereo
Crumb, George Night Music 1 lp stereo
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms, Electronic Study lp stereo
Davies, Peter Maxwell Eight Songs For A Mad King lp stereo
Debussy La Mer/Noctunes lp stereo
Erb, Donald Music for Instruments and Electronic Sounds cd
Fontana, Bill Sound Sculpture lp stereo
Glass, Philip Mishima OST cd
Glass, Philip The Essential... cd
Glass, Philip Akhnaten cd
Glass, Philip Einstein on the Beach (1978 recording) lp stereo
Glass, Philip Glassworks cd
Glass, Philip Music in Simialr Motion / Music in Fifths lp stereo
Glass, Philip Satyagraha lp stereo
Glass, Philip The Photographer cd
Gorecki, Henryk Symphony No. 3 cd
Gould, Glen Bach: Goldberg Variations cd
Grainger, Percy One More Day (piano rolls) lp stereo
Gurdjieff/Hartman/Kremski Gurdjieff/Hartman 2 lp stereo
Henze, Hans Werner 2nd Concerto for Piano and Orchestra lp stereo
Hiller, Lejaren Machine Music / Twelve-tone Variations lp stereo
Hoddinott, Alun Symphony no. 3 / The Sun The Great luminary of the Universe / Sinfonietta no. 3 lp stereo
Hovhaness, Allan And God Created Great Whales lp stereo
Hovhaness, Allan Saint Vartan Symphony lp stereo
Humble, Keith Piano cd
Ives, Charles Songs cd
Jolivet, Andre Concerto for Ondes Martenot / Harp Concerto lp stereo
Koechlin, Charles The Jungle Book cd
Kotekan Percussion and... lp stereo
Krauze, Zygmunt New Piano Sounds lp stereo
Kronos Quartet The Dreams and Prayers Of Isaac The Blind cd
Les Percussions de Strasbourg Americana (Varese, Chavez, Cage) lp stereo
Ligeti, Gyorgy Adventure / New Adventures / Atmospheres / Volumina lp stereo
Menotti Amahl and The Night Visitors lp mono
Messiaen, Olivier Quartet For The End Of Time lp stereo
Messiaen, Olivier Quartet For The End Of Time cd
Messiaen, Olivier Trois Petite Liturgies de la Presence Divine lp stereo
Messiaen, Olivier Turangalila Symphony lp stereo
Mills, Richard Orchestral Works cd
Miroglio, Francis & Les Percussions De Strasbourg Extensions 2 lp stereo
Monk, Meredith Turtle Dreams cd
Nancarrow, Conlon Studies For Player Piano lp stereo
NHK Symphony Orchestra Contemporary Music Of Japan lp stereo
Paganini Ensemble West Side Story cd
Panufnik Concertate for Violin and Strings / Sinfonia Concertate lp stereo
Part, Arvo Kannon Pojanon cd
Part, Arvo Te Deum (live) cd
Penderecki, Krystof Symphony / Anaklasis for strings and percussion lp stereo
Randall, JK Lyric Variations for Violin and Computer 1965 lp stereo
Reich, Steve Six Pianos lp stereo
Reich, Steve Tehillim lp stereo
Reich, Steve Diffrerent Trains cd
Reich, Steve Drumming lp stereo
Reich, Steve Sextet / Six Marimbas cd
Reuthe, Manfred Korean Piano Works lp stereo
Rockmore, Clara The Art Of The Theremin cd
Sahl, Michael A Mitzvah for the Dead lp stereo
Sahl, Michael A Mitzvah for the Dead lp stereo
Schoenberg, Arnold Gurrelieder lp stereo
Schoenberg, Arnold Suite for String Orchestra lp stereo
Schoenberg, Arnold Transfigured Night lp stereo
Scriabin Symphony no. 1 lp stereo
Scriabin Symphony no. 3 (The Divine Poem) / Reverie lp stereo
Scriabin / Nemtin Universe lp stereo
Shankar, Ravi & Glass, Philip Passages cd
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Hymnen lp stereo
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Kurzwellen lp stereo
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Flight Toward the Sun / Liaison lp stereo
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Momente lp stereo
Subotnick, Morton Silver Apples Of The Moon for electronic music synthesiser lp stereo
Takemitsu, Toru Asterism / Requim / Green / The Dorian Horizon lp stereo
Takemitsu, Toru Orchestral Works cd
Teilhard de Chardin Hymn Of The Universe lp stereo
Tjeknavorian, Loris Requim For The Massacred lp stereo
Un Hoe Park Korean Lyric Songs lp stereo
Varese, Edgar Arcana, Ameriques, Ionisation lp stereo
Werder, Felix Agamemnon lp stereo
Wesley-Smith, Martin Who Killed Cock Robin? lp stereo
Yamsh ta, Stomu Percussion lp stereo
Young, La Monte Tamburas Of Pandit Pran Nath cd
Young, La Monte and The Forever Bad Blues Band Just Stomping cd